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  1. The story mode in this game is horrendous. It's long boring and un fun. And often the guitar doesn't pic up when you hit a note. Even though it's completely tuned. I hate it when it forces you to play garbage songs like unnatural selection that are wayyyyy too long and boring in order to progress. I also don't like how you have to unlock games in the guitarcade

  2. No way this is so much better than guitar hero and rock band. This actually let's you use a real guitar and not some plastic walmart one that barely registers half the time

  3. so… this looks pretty awesome. Just 2 questions. 1. It looks good for teaching songs but what about tabs? 2 for an acoustic would i just buy a pickup?

  4. For beginners I would give it a 9.0. For intermediate or better it's mostly a waste of time or just a way to practice your basic techniques in a casual way. If you find traditional practicing boring then this game is probably for you. However don't expect to become a better than average guitarist with this learning tool.

  5. @Kris Gil don't confuse add with mod. Some songs like some AC/DC songs I've seen probably aren't even available to officially download.

  6. lol, you can actually download Through the Fire and the Flames on Rocksmith if you want. Actually you can download a bunch a different songs for Rocksmith, just look at the other videos that people posted of them playing Rocksmith. There are a number of different songs you can download to Rocksmith of all different difficulty levels.

  7. I would say: Got an El-guitar? wanna teach the guitar basics? or how to play some new songs? BUY IT!
    wanna party with friends with a fun video game? Buy Guitar hero (or something similar)
    know the basics will learn more? Get a guitar teacher/book/experiment on your own!

    Over all it's an entertaining game, it's up to you if it's worth your time^^

  8. Compared to entertainment games like Guitar Hero, It might be a little boring in the long term, cause it's mainly about teach how to play.
    Compared to a good guitar teacher it might not give you everything there is to know about how to play a guitar.
    It gives you the basic of the basics: what string to pick and what chord to play in the songs available. It is a very good game for newcomers, but there is more to guitar that knowing how to play a few songs^^

  9. crap review. this game kicks ass & they better make another! In i much higher league! it more than a game! im an ASCAP member & veteran musician. have played live in front of countless souls & i love it!! was a halo/ call of duty junkie for a while and this game saved me. the amp mode is awesome! i've actually tracked with it! Alas.. i'd expect a tone deaf goomba with no rock skills to not have fun with this one..just sorry you gave it the IGN 8.0 just because you HAVE NO MUSICAL TALENT. FNDERP

  10. I think this game deserves an upgraded review because of the dlc that is release has changed the simplicity of this game into a difficult and enjoying one. Cliffs of dover, yyz, burning for you are a few both difficult and enjoying add ons.

  11. This is the best music game ever but ign is right. I was somewhat of an intermediate player when I bought it and found it pretty boring at first because it was too easy and the song list sucks. The dlcs are really cool but you have to pay for all of them. I don't got any of the dlcs and yet I'm still able to have so much fun with this.

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