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What did IGN think of The Darkness 2 you ask? It is significantly better in terms of its FPS ability. The gameplay mechanics have been revamped twice over, and …


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  1. The Darkness 2 is one of my all time favorite games. I played the hell out of it when it was first released back in 2012 and when I saw it was available for backwards compatibility on Xbox One I jumped at the opportunity to play it again and I snagged it for eight bucks. Playing it in 2018 I must say that it holds up amazingly, and that it’s leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of FPS shooters that are more recent. It’s inventive gameplay and it’s heartbreaking story make it timeless! I’m saddened that the game didn’t do well enough to garner another sequel; especially when this one ended on a cliffhanger… Alas, that’s how it is. The Call of Duty’s and the Battlefields will always get sequels but gems like this’ll remain in the Darkness (see what I did there lol). All in all I’m happy that I was able to play this great video game again. I really hope they decide to make another sequel, I wanna see what Jackie does next.

    P.S. it’s based off a really good comic of the same name. Check it out.

  2. These are one of the games that deserve to be truly amazing games but always gets overshadowed by the overrated Sony Mafia like Last of Us and Metal Gear

  3. Just bought this for 5 bux on steam, even though I beat it when it came out, it was fun to revisit it again after all these years…

  4. I liked both of them I just want a 3rd installment. Who are the creators of this game so I can look at there news online?

  5. very underrated game… The darkness 1 its a master piece. The darkness 2 is awesome but not like the first game. The only thing this game have better then first game is the combat system, the rest is better in the darkness 1. But still a great game but not like the first one.

  6. If they make a third, get rid of the cell shaded shit. I liked the direction the original was taking it. You couldn't rip men in half, but the combat still felt dirtier, though I admit, not as good by far. I'd love all the violence and abilities of this game, in the original.

  7. It's only 4 hours with a lot of story sections that don't allow you to shoot anything. The coop campaign can add 2 hours at best. 8 is a bit generous for such a short game despite its production value.

  8. This game is good, but I can't stand listening to these so-called reviewers talk about video games. It sounds like they're reading text from an advertisement. These people have no soul, and I hope they know that.

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