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  1. Seems like a fun movie. Why y’all hatin? Does it have to be a masterpiece for you to feel satisfied? How about you go see for yourself how it is…or will y’all boycott it and be annoying?

  2. Looks like we wont have another "Anakin Skywalker situation" on our hand. Starring in a Star Wars prequel is more dangerous for rising actors than it seems.

  3. The prequels are better than the new trilogy
    (and good movies in general, don't understand the hate, specially revenge of the sith)
    fight me.

  4. Why are people saying Disney ruined Star Wars? Star War was already ruined by George Lucas himself with the prequel trilogy. Then he left it with Kathleen Kennedy who continued to ruin it. Disney is just providing the budget they are asking for. Marvel is great not because of Disney, but because of Kevin Feige. Disney just gives these people the finances to work with.

  5. Yeah but I'm still going to watch it. However with the spinoffs I don't think they are truly Star Wars movies without the Jedi..

  6. 7 out of 10. So it's an above average movie. A good movie. Coolio. That's all I need. Especially coming from a movie that "no one asked for". Not every Star Wars movie needs to be a 10/10. You people need to learn that every Star Wars movie can be Empire Strikes Back. A 7 is 3 away from perfect and 3 away from below average. A 7 seems perfectly fine to me.

  7. Now how will anyone trust this 7/10 review when you guys from IGN and almost all the american critic press totally bloated The Last Jedi's reviews. So NOW the script matter and for the last jedi it didn't mattered at all!? Maybe this is a way more accurate rating but your previous lies to help the last jedi to cash in definitely damaged your reputation

  8. We know that Disney and star wars can deliver fun. Now we're stuck giving these movies a pass on being fun enough. Instead of a really worth telling story. But I guess that's the nature of these movies being announced before written.

  9. 7.0 seems pretty spot on. I'm not totally sold but I'll watch it. Finding out why Solo becomes SOLO is a thing people wanted to see and this doesn't deliver.

  10. 7.0 on release from IGN, let me convert that to a real score by crunching the calibrations and running it through the ICT scanner… Yep, it's an I don't like sand out of Han shot first.

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