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  1. Voice acting is boring and lifeless. The gameplay is fun but the story is convoluted, jumping around a lot as if it had an established lore that you should have known about before hand. People praise this game and call it a hidden gem. Honestly, it gets boring pretty fast. Gameplay doesn't amount to much if the game doesn't give you reasons to progress through it. Story and gameplay need an equal balance.

  2. I just could not get into this game. Gameplay was great, but the world was bland, side quests were pointless and there was not one memorable companion throughout the entire adventure. The framework was there, but it was just boring IMHO.

  3. Looking back at this video from 2018, what really cracked me up was when he said the Amalur was "an ridiculously large game." Its 8 gigs (rounded).

  4. Never heard of this game until last week. Wanted to play something like a single player World of Warcraft offline and got this one on steam. Reminded me of WOW and Fable. Love it!

  5. This and dragons dogma are definitely the best action rpgs of last gen, this definitely needs a remaster.

  6. if only they would create another game like this…….but with more features (mostly the ability to jump when and where I want)

  7. For such a good game, it absolutely pisses me off that I've wasted money on DLC that doesn't even work. I do wish I had my copy on PS3, though. the PC version just doesn't feel the same.

  8. this will always be one of my favorite games but it seriously shot itself in the foot with the leveling and item systems. Single player mmo and no form of end game is a terrible combo in the long run. youre cap level long before you beat the game making you horridly over leveled fighting grey named enemies the entire 2nd half of the game because most zones have a level cap no where near cap level. Then you get Dead Kel DLC with all these cool end game weapons and armors just to realize theres absolutely no point because youre done with the game anyway. Amazing game, but the whole game felt like it was designed around there being something big to do once you beat it.

  9. I dont understand how this game is very underrated. The story is fun but can be really serious, that makes it great. The combat is also amazing and smooth as well.

  10. This game is awesome! I've played through at least 4 times, and it's still playable. Great story, backgrounds, and characters.

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