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  1. They added a huge replayability factor with the timeline loop, it changes the whole game so having to walk everywhere really isn't so bad. Also neglected to mention the secrets littered throughout the island that alleviates the pace of long journeys.

    And to nitpick, you said for more on Oxenfree, stay with IGN or something, but this seems to be your only Oxenfree video

  2. I really loved this game, even when I was screaming at 2am over it ? (I’m a huge chicken). The story was really great and if you like mystery/sci-fi/phycological stuff then you’ll enjoy this. Or if you like reading, I’m a big book nerd and this was like watching a book in a way, except I got to choose bits of what would happen next

  3. Really got into the story driven games like "Life is strange" just scored this on switch for $4.99 so I am hoping this will be remotely just as enjoyable.

  4. I just came to see what it’s about looks kind of boring walking an talking it’s on sale on the switch e shop an yeah imma pass lol

  5. I got this for $4.99 on my Switch since it’s for sale! It’s downloading right now! Such a score!

  6. Hello…? H-hellooooo!

    You- you can hear me, right?

    Oh, nevermind, this is a letter.

    Here, I need you. For a project. It's for…

  7. 8.2 for a "game" with no game play and listening to ideotic rambling throughout ….. Just because this reminds the reviewer of her own boring pointless past dose not mean this game is anywhere above a 4.1

  8. The game is great
    And I agree the pacing is slow
    But the story is awesome
    So you play as Alex who chills with friends and a new step bro
    Then u do some illuminati thing with a radio and then u do some things with ghosts that posses your friends and you go through time loops.
    It's legitimately scary with jump scares and disappearances
    (All based on a true story)
    And there's multiple endings as well

  9. the game is so unsettling and funky and deep and just emotionally moving that it stuck in my head for a long time. you need 6 hours and some emotional tolerance really 😛

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