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  1. Damn, Xbox did not prepare for their exclusives very well. Good thing I own both PS4 and Xbox, but this is horrible for Xbox only users. You can only play Halo, Gears, and PUBG so much.

  2. I remember being excited for this game a while back but the more gameplay I saw the less interested I became

    I didn't buy any exclusives that came out last year and I doubt I'll buy any this year

  3. 7.5! You just described a game that is buggy, repetitive with its two new features being to easy to matter and to buggy to work.

    You described a 5 at best. IGN is such a hack site.

  4. Sony pony's are out in force for this review I see. Well, I'm definitely going to pick this up. This game looks fun and the graphical glitches can be patched. Another solid entry for Xbox and Gamepass.

  5. Microsoft just isn't focusing its resources on the gaming community because I think they view at as more of a niche for them. They have a net worth of over 560 billion dollars while Sony is around 40 billion I believe. It's sad to see but I wish they would just put someone more passionate about the gaming community in charge of their Xbox operations. Even as a PS4 owner it worries me because competition leads to better quality games

  6. It's not too late to sell your Xbox One and put that money towards a PS4 Pro for The Last of Us 2 and Days Gone.

  7. Wow ..You wanna see XBOX Hate ..just read these comments….wow……just wow…..fine the game is ok… what….its a 30 dollar game…I haven't got an xbox….but it feels like this game not being amazing just validated so many peoples choice of plastic

  8. If you wanna see an actual Fair, Well explained, detailed and better developed Review just watch Karak's ACG reviews

  9. Wow , So hard to make anyone happy these days. Im sure Microsoft will fix these minor bugs. Such clowns you all. Some games that been out for years still have bugs people still play them.

  10. If you gave this garbage 7.5, I guess you’d probably give Days Gone 10/10 if that game is good because from over an hour long ALPHA gameplay they released ALREADY, it seems to look, play and feel much better than this..

  11. I’m an Xbox man but honestly feel jealous of God of War and other PS4 exclusives! I still feel Xbox is the better system with Game pass, GWG but the exclusives are struggling! I can’t see Crackdown getting over a 7… that’s if it ever comes out. Microsoft need a big E3

  12. After watching gameplay of this game which is an xbox exclusive and also watching "days gone" gameplay which is a ps4 exclusive, im glad im a playstation owner???

  13. Yeah, let's not highlight how diverse the characters are which is something fans loved and wanted to expand on, as well as many other aspects. I sort of wish this was released just for us fans, these new people are souring this so much and the people without access to it have the most to say.

  14. I don't get the overdose of bitchery people have on this game and xboxs exclusives as a whole they definitely aren't the best but this game is an indie game it isn't developed by God of War developers lol give it a break 7.5 for a game like this is fine stop hating. An xbox and ps4 user.

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