10 Most Affordable Crossover Cars to Buy in 2018 (Prices and Specs)

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If you are looking for a daily driver to accommodate your family and get additional comfort, that will be roomier than a sedan or a hatchback, then a crossover or a compact SUV should definitely be your vehicle of choice. But before you say that these cars are out of your price range, let me tell you that there are at least 10 affordable crossovers that do not even exceed $20,000 in cost and they are all present in this video. If the prices seem too good to be true, you should stick with us a little longer to see for yourself.

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Get acquainted with the list of cars below:

Dacia Duster: goo.gl/jjmRYo
Chevrolet Trax 21,000: goo.gl/KgEgyY
Honda HR-V: goo.gl/WHFbGa
Jeep Compass: goo.gl/1B56cL
Mazda CX3: goo.gl/Gxrp4C
Ford EcoSport: goo.gl/R9eeyM
Jeep Renegade: goo.gl/ix1TyG
Kia Soul: goo.gl/ZuGz1w
2018 Nissan Kicks: goo.gl/fz9iPN
Fiat 500X: goo.gl/84aQVx

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  1. Just saying. The Chevy Trax starts at 13-15k here in the USA, most dealerships will mark them down alot. I'm looking at buying a Trax lx for 17,500$ here soon. Definitely under the 21k price y'all have stated. But yes it is extremely space heavy and roomy and feels great to drive, I would recommend it.

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