$100 MILLION Fortnite eSports Competition

Epic Games has stumped up the cash for a big old prize pool for the 2018-2019 esports season for Fortnite Battle Royale. $100 million, no less. That dwarfs the …


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  1. Ok but who would watch is Esports live in person apart from the net? Other Esport games have lots of fans form well establish teams go to these events, and in Fortnite as far as I'm concern there is not teams and many have said Squads in BR for Esports seems too unfair. While it could be fun attending the even and rooting for your favorite player, it is'nt the same as rooting for a whole team and watching them work together.

  2. I don't understand how Esports can be fair in this type of game. Their's too many random factors for it to be fair for everyone.
    Other esports have the best playing against the best. But how can you measure being the best in BR if a pro can lose against a armature because of bad loot they found or a bad location drop. Idk this just doesn't seem like a game where skill players can paly fair against each other. Example when Ninja took part of that friendly tourney you had other professional players hunting him down just because he was top dog, even though it isn't considered teaming I still find it unfair.

  3. If they're giving out 100 million i wonder how much they're getting in. You dont do a prize pool like that unless your game is getting bank. I mean is basically free with no loot boxes, how much could they possibly be getting?

  4. This is indeed pretty wild. From an observational standpoint I just don't get it. How this many people enjoy fortnite. I can't get into it….. Pubg on the other hand I play every single day and I can't get enough of it. The winner here is the battle royale format. It's a smart move for any competitive shooter to implement this game mode. I'm skeptical of CODs version, and I'm very hopeful for Battlefields version. And perhaps red dead 2 as well.

  5. You're literally reading their statement of "competitions" and talking about it like it's one competition. It's unlikely they're going to top DOTA's single competition prize pool,

  6. Gaz why are you not making Fingerstyle covers? We really miss them. Please respond and tell us. Good to see you still make gaming videos, unlike guitar Ones??

  7. Tired of this game being shoved into my face everywhere I go, especially since I find it to be the most boring piece of garbage I have ever played since cod.

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