Funniest VR Moments & Fails Compilation From Twitch

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  1. Burke Black, Bikeman, Venalis & Randoms 1h VOD Venalis and Bikeman 20min highlights Bikeman, GassyMexican, and Venalis 16min highlights GassyMexican 15min highlights Pokelawls with his VR Chat highlights here (trending right now extremely) Also check here constantly for new clips (you can track them to vods)
    VR chat reddit – – Jameskii with funny VR chat stuff
    L.A Noire VR –

  2. i was just enjoying the vid at 6:08 and I look down and see your fucking profile picture with the two dudes about to kiss and i looked up and did the most awkward smile, i can no longer enjoy this video without seeing that cursed image. when i die that picture will be one of the things that flash before my eyes and in that moment ill be happy im dying you fat sack of cuntnuggets

  3. Does this happen frequently? This harassment to women who play in Star Trek? Or is just something pretty strange and that is why is here?

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