iPhone Bendgate Was Real After All…

iPhone Bendgate Was Real After All… The Verge …


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  1. Best video u ever made. I use iphone and android. But im not gonna be a fanboy. U say it urself; legendary video

  2. What crazes me is that Nokia has made the Nokia 8 using the 6000 series aluminium, but it didn't even twitch…
    If you have any doubt you can watch JerryRigEverything testing the nokia 8

  3. Man I always admire you as you are doing something which i or we cannot do we could just dream about it.

  4. Some iPhone users will say note 7 blew up
    But guess what because of bend gate someone got 2nd degree burns cos his iPhone bent and the battery exploded. Apple replaced his phone but didn't help pay his fee from the treatment he got from hospital

  5. Just let it go man come on we know u don't like Apple but why u have to come up with this shit again… Just drop it, instead upload some other videos since u haven't upload nothing this days

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