Solo’s Surprising Star Wars Cameo Connection to Phantom Menace and Rebels

The Solo movie offers a surprise cameo that connects it to other Star Wars projects like The Phantom Menace and Rebels, so we explain how it all fits together!


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  1. This movie was fuckin awesome, flopped at box office only because the media cant tell a good movie from a bad one and my evidence is every motherfucking last jedi review before it hit theatres

  2. Way to put a major spoiler in the title. It’s pretty goddamn easy to figure out who you’re talking about there’s only one character that makes sense for. Definitely spoiled it for me

  3. My face literally dropped when I heard and saw Darth Maul be in league with Crimson Dawn.I guess there is still a lot of time that he spent after the end of the Shadow Collective and before meeting the Ghost crew.

  4. Maul: A Star Wars Story – opening scene is the end of the duel of fates, where Maul is tumbling in half down that shaft after he gets sliced in two… except the camera follows him down the shaft. From there we see him enter a 'force coma' screen goes to black, and come back weeks later, with him in a droid repair facility getting his new legs…. DO IT DISNEY

  5. Didnt the Pykes eliminate the Black Sun in Dark Disciple? Maybe Maul resurfaced after the war to take advantage of a power vaccuum generated by the abscence of Black Sun, creating Crimson Dawn? Im interested in seeing how the Empire found him. In Malachor he is hiding from Vader and his Inquisitors.

  6. Funny thing is a split in half dark jedi was already canon. In Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight you literally had one in that decade ago. So I never had a problem with the surviving of Maul.

  7. Your entire explanation of Darth Maul is unnecessary. Solo happens chronologically before The Phantom Menace so your entire explanation is moot. This is the caliber of the intellect that thinks that solo is a good movie.

  8. I see two Star Wars Story movies for Maul—a live action Rebels film, where Emilia Clarke also reprises her role from Solo (a Maul's assistant), and an Obi-Wan film where he and Maul have their final fight. There may even be room in the two films for a premiere of Ahsoka, and a reprise appearance by Jan Urso!

  9. With all the possibilities Solo made, I would say my interest in Star Wars has gone up after seeing it. I think people are having a bad hangover from The Last Jedi. These two films have nothing to do with each other and are made by different filmmakers. Just because no one likes Kennedy doesn't mean you can't enjoy what Solo and future installments of the criminal underworld has to offer.

  10. Boring, pedestrian and uninspired – this movie was rubbish and I hope to god they don’t make a sequel or any more spinoff movies

  11. Needs more down votes guys, this doesn’t get you views it just simply ruins the movie Jesus ign are you hiring people straight out of middle school???

  12. Maul can appear as the main villain in the rumored Kenobi film, with Ray Park facing off against Ewan McGregor again. To see Maul in a major role instead of just a supporting character villain, as in Menace would be great.

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