10 Best 4-Door Sports Cars You Should Buy (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

The most popular family vehicle these days is of course a compact SUV, but these autos still may seem too bulky and lack that sporty performance that drivers want for themselves after dropping off kids at school. In our humble opinion, sports sedans are those do-it-all cars that can serve as a perfect solution for those who want to both accommodate a growing family and satisfy that speed craving on the highway. Do you agree with the lineup? Or are you against all of these speedy non-gas efficient four-wheelers on the road? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Here are the cars listed in this episode:
1) 2018 Kia Stinger: goo.gl/uEtb44
2) Cadillac ATS V: goo.gl/aacVSJ
3) BMW M3: goo.gl/QZvG8m
4) Audi RS 3: goo.gl/nFxm8D
5) Lexus GS F: goo.gl/Tf6wRE
6) Subaru WRX STI: goo.gl/RgdwfQ
7) Infiniti Q50 Sport: goo.gl/9if9Hb
8) Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: goo.gl/FDneFm
9) Dodge Charger Daytona 392: goo.gl/LgjXZc
10) Honda Civic Si: goo.gl/nqJdnC

“Wildlife” by Declan DP
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“Faith” by Declan DP
Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported


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  1. So in other words, if you want a four door car that goes fast you better pony up some serious cash. Suggestion for part two, top ten under $30k

  2. Good list, but you should have removed one or more of the luxury sport sedans (like all of the ones that don't have a manual option) and replaced them with more affordable sporty 4-door cars like the Fiesta ST, GTI, and Focus RS.

  3. The Porsche Cayman, any year model, is the best 4 door sports car. One door on the left, one door on the right, one door up front and on door in back.

  4. Besides the Merc C63 someone mentioned, might be overpriced. What about the C43 sedan? C class sedan selling is best with powerful powertrain especially to the C43 and C63.

  5. I'm a huge fan of sport sedans. Many do everything well on the road and can still swallow up gobs of stuff, esp if you have folding rear seat. I often hear " I like the high seating position of my SUV, I feel safer ". Talk about a false sense of security. Higher center of gravity in all but the most highly engineered cars, mean lower stability in the all important maneuver needed to avoid a wreck. Let's not even talk about higher weight. Generally, if you get clipped on the rear quarter from behind, you're going to lose control of your car. And an SUV will have a higher risk of prompt rollover. I just don't get it. My sedans feel (are) far more maneuverable and able to escape trouble, not to mention far less unwieldy than a car that has you sitting up high. Just sayin'…

  6. Dodge Charger просто идеал,в нём есть всё для идеальной езды:скорость-мощность-динамичной-манёвренность и т.д

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