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Minecraft has finally left beta and after several videos in which we blew up various scores that the game didn’t get, we’re finally ready to reveal what rating we …


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  1. now in 2018 the game has everything, and it's a solid 10 by everyone that have ever played it, that you'll ask

    (yeah now it has a built in tutorial)

  2. When I played Minecraft for the first time I tried to nomenat my pet spider it turns out that the time was night and the spider i got so sad that my spider was evil at night and never would go outside if there were any spiders lol

  3. Minecraft gets boring after some time…it's not bad but it's also not mindblowing. You can't compare These games but if you like Building and fighting combined, like me, I would recommend Terraria(My absolute favorite game).

  4. Wtf do u mean by lack of built info are u saying that there is not tutorial ? But there is a tutorial and in minecraft uncovering secrets Is fun

  5. People hate this games because they say it’s a kids game or it has bad graphics but it’s amazing and u can spend days playing it and it purposely has bad graphics it’s all about creativity not about story if u try you’ll love it

  6. I'm an absolutely terrible person when rating games and never go easy but oh my god, minecraft is 10/10. It is like nothing ever before. Many people are tired of it now, but it is truly an endless and amazing game.

  7. Here's my opinion on recent Minecraft:
    Version 1.7 – 9.6/10 – Tons of new biomes, items, and things to do.
    Version 1.8 – 9.8/10 – Even more things to do, and A TON of changes.
    Version 1.9 – 8.7/10 – The new combat was unique, but frustrating. Everything became worse.
    Version 1.10 – 8.8/10 – Not much added, but magma blocks add a challenge to the nether.
    Version 1.11 – 9.0/10 – Exploration is prominent in Minecraft, and this update "builds" on it.
    Version 1.12 – 9.1/10 – Advancements are nice, and the colored blocks make for a lot more customization.

  8. I don't get why so many people hate Minecraft. I stopped frequently playing it months ago but I still play every month or so. It's just the community is full of salty toxic 8 year olds. The game itself is amazing

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