Tested: Indoor Skydiving with Virtual Reality!

Projections is back! Jeremy and Norm go on location to test an indoor skydiving experience that makes use of VR video for added immersion. We also talk about …


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  1. For the indoor skydiving, they should play an intro saying that you've been shrunken, then get footage off a freestyle drone diving buildings, waterfalls, cliffs, down the inside of smokestacks etc. Use a wide angle camera so the world looks bigger. Have portals appear hovering just above the ground so you can stitch multiple pieces of footage without cutting immersion and also miss the part where the drone pulls out of the dive. They should be doing things you can't do for real.

  2. I did indoor skydiving, without VR obviously, it was amazing, I had a total of 6 minutes to play with, and learned to fly without someone holding me from the beginning, I had already jumped a 4 km tandem jump before I went in the tunnel though, which also was amazing. and I would agree that an experience with a 3D rendered environment would be better and with wireless VR it would even be possible with a propper PC based VR headset allowing for better graphics and it would allow for positional tracking of limbs just with, say, vive trackers attached to the wrists with a wristband or directly on the overall that you wear.

  3. Hey guys, have you heard about OVAL? friend of mine worked on it and it does looks amazing, it's on Steam as a close BETA right now. They still got some keys left as far as I know.

  4. Is free walking really that odd to be popular? In VRChat, practically everyone turns off the teleporting system as soon as they discover there's another option.

  5. I think these kinds of experiences are actually bad for VR. Usually they are meh at best, but thats what people now see as where VR is at. They usually can not imagine how much more it can be with 6dof and tracked controllers. Instead, they just loose interest. (Tried a GearVR rollercoaster and let friends try my gear VR).
    Anyone else sharing this experience?

  6. You guys should check out the Void in Utah- the VR they have is a full body experience with a real environment you interact with along with the VR – it’s incredibly cool and I’d love to see you guys checking it out 🙂

  7. If this was done better it's a FANTASTIC opportunity for a VR experience. Rendered environment fully tracked, what an awesome idea.

  8. Suggestion: Lower the baseline of the N in the logo to represent each host. Instead of proJections, it could be proJectioNs for Jeremy and Norm… okay I'll go away now…

  9. The personel is holding you for a great reason, you easily break your nedk if you hit the glas. Search for Natsuki the movie and watch his try to do a backflip … severe neck pain for weeks..

  10. Totally valid points from Tested. You could have things swinging right past you in rendered environments. You could use Mirage Lenovo or Vice Focus with positional tracking, turn chaperone on, and make users try and dodge incoming obstacles or use controller as some kind of laser. Jeremy's suggestion for volcano skydiving also sounds badass.

  11. You can move and stuff. You just have to go multiple times. As you go they give you a certificate once you do well enough to maintain stability and stay in one place. You can do this on your first time. Then bring it back the next time you go, they'll give you a new one with more checkpoints and as you go, you can fly on your back, upside down, by yourself, even learn tricks and flips

  12. A proper Ben Franklinstone Air bath right there.
    Rapid chelating effects for the dermis, with some low cost added sand, and perfectly feathered groovy 80's hair as an additional added bonus. Plus a safely controlled lesson in gravity and flight characteristics.
    Happy flying.

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