BEWARE IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Beware VR Mod – Open World Horror Driving Simulator

Did you know that you can play Beware in Virtual Reality on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift? Beware demo is a popular and thrilling open world driving simulator, and …


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  1. Beware in VR! 🙂 Its glitchy, its far from perfect – but hey the demo works in Virtual Reality!!! (Check video description for VR Mod step-by-step)
    Big thanks and all credits goes to the user music2169 (on Reddit) for hinting us all about this cool VR mod for the current Beware demo.
    Hope you will all enjoy your weekend – and don't forget to subscribe! 🙂

  2. Help Please. Love your videos. Cannot figure out how to extract and put in a folder and get this game . Hate to bother you but every time you give a link to a game that this process is involved I never can figure it out.

  3. Oh man I've been looking for a tool like this for sooo long! Thank you so much for linking it in the description, you're the best 😀

  4. One of the best VR content providers on the net. Love your enthusiasm mate…surely a gaming company could hire you…you would make sales for them merely from your energy alone!!

  5. 1. Vr native

    2. Wheel support

    3. Paranormal events

    Imagine driving and hearing a voice coming from the back of the car and when you turn there is no one there but as soon as you look forward is right there in front of you. I know is cliche but it will get you if done right. I don't know the story how it goes but imagine the guy had a daughter who passed away in a car accident and he blames himself. So the depression he has it's giving him paranoia where he thinks he hears his daughter's voice but is actually this dark entity haunting him. Oh man this is such a cool project you can do so much with it. Let's see what direction they take.

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