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Does the new PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter Resistance 3 present a cause worth fighting for? Find out in this IGN game review! IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of …


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  1. Ok found weapons wheel in options, but strangely don't use it really. Health system should still be self regenerating, but understand the pretext of the game.

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of all the Resistance games and would love it if they ever made a 4th game. My favorite was the first game and then 3rd game. None of them are bad and I love how the story is written.

    I just want to let everyone know if they haven't already played it, go play THE LAST OF US right now! It is the greatest console game ever made! Even if it isn't your type of game, just play try and you won't regret it. As much as I love the Uncharted games, The Last Of Us is the single best game every made in my opinion.

  3. I would like new resistance.It is best sony fps.Killzone is also good and more popular,but resistance is awesome.

  4. Resistance: Fall of Man still the best game ever made, the multiplayer was amazing! Just Remaster the first game for PS4 and all true resistance fans will be there! If they decided to make a Resistance 4 it needs to be just like the first game and nothing like R2 or R3 where they tried to change the play style to more of a cod feel! This was never what us true resistance fans wanted and that's why their sales kept dropping.

  5. tbh i played them all but i still love the first one the most because of the fantastic level design and diverse weapons and it made you feel like you were really the only survivor i didn't like any other resistance games except Fall of Man it kept the same feel as the first

  6. I'm surprised how much I liked this game. I thought it'd be another generic shooter, but it actually wasn't. It blends old school and modern very well I think.

  7. How can Quite bleak be a bad point ? It's an apocalyptic invasion, it's supposed to be bleak, life isn't unicorns and rainbows

  8. I'm 4 years late to the party because I just beat this game this morning,multiplayer community probably dead by now.As for the storyline,I try not to think deep about it and find logic but some parts kind of bothers me,or irks me,first its Joe's son Jake(?),when Jake call out his father "daddy!" he sounds like a 14 years old! That,that kill the immersion.

    And then Susan,Joe's wife – why in the blue hell she want her husband to fight on his own against chimera and possibly get kill? and spoiler by the time Joe's BESIDE the tower later near the end,she was like "please come back Joe,I love you Joe" ugh.

    Also the part chapter 18 or 19 near at the end,when Joe decided to destroy another tower,a VTOL that looks like normal helicopter,able to infiltrate the damn stronghold of that tower,did you see how many friggin bullets and drop ships chase after this normal helicopter? I'm not trying to make sense,its just those part that didn't make sense even in this sci fi world.

    As for the main character himself,I can't emotionally attach to this character,its just random normal guy with no chimera injection to create super soldier like Hale.Several character like Drake and Sully from Uncharted series,I can relate to them and find their character important,for Joe,Susan and Jake,nope.

  9. If you want to really have fun, play the game n superhuman with enemies being able to use secondary's, use carbines, rossmores, augers and marksman and have the immersive cheat. So,fun

  10. This was a really cool series.  It's one of the only shooter series I can think of that has each game be very different from the others.  In a Halo or a Call of Duty or a Battlefield they aren't going to make a change like the number of weapons you can carry, player counts aren't going to do anything too crazy like Resistance 2 did and they have different health systems in every game.  
    They also have a different tone of gameplay in each game that extends across all the modes. The first one was a reasonably typical shooter, it had some weird aspects to it like the controls and the way they showed aim down sights. Overall it was a super duper solid shooter that sort of went with the Halo formula of having very similar encounters that are refined to be consistently entertaining.  
    Resistance 2 abandoned the health pick ups to really increase the pacing of the combat and they threw a lot more enemies at you and also made the  impression of scale enormous.  This was also replicated in the multiplayer which I believe had the highest player count, at least on consoles at that point.  That co-op mode was also crazy as hell.
    Resistance 3 toned the craziness back a bit and brought focus back to some of the things the first Resistance did.  It's the creepiest of the three and does a really good job of creating suspense and then delivering on it was extremely intense situations.  They tone back the scale of the multiplayer as well to bring the focus to the core combat.
    I wish other series would take this approach, I want different games to be different games.

  11. good series, good game  
    the shotgun before level 3 just sucks, its not powerful like before 
    Resistance 3 is just as good as Resistance 1

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