Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season First Trailer – ‘The Last Bullet’

Clementine reviews the rules of zombie engagement ahead of the final season’s premiere on August 14. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season …


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  1. This is y u shouldn't have kids n the apocalypse. Lol this is actually really sad & shows u what a kid would inherit here. I'm guessing a bad ending for this series.

  2. If we're gonna have to decide who will live between Clem and AJ, who will you choose? Let's say that they will try to travel through a zombie horde, and AJ will get stuck somehow (like in season two, if you remember) and Clem manage to escape. Telltale will gave 3 choices, run for your life, go back after AJ (And having Clem get bit) or do nothing. Y'know, silence is a valide option kinda thing. What will you choose? I will personally let him die, just to save Clem. Just my idea. Telltale are imprevisible. But one thing is sure, someone is gonna die. And hopefully, we will decide who.

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