Virtual Reality Breakthrough Allows You To Control Video Games With Your Thoughts

Video game controllers are starting to feel a little 2000 and late. Neurable, a startup gaming company that designs brain-computer interfaces, is currently …


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  1. +Free Spirit I truly pity your way of thinking.

    You can't think of anything good coming out of a game? That's a real shame.

    Imagine a completely paralyzed person playing a video game alongside a fully functional human being.

    Imagine people without arms playing a game, or even driving a car.

    Playing a game with your mind could further map the brain to finally solve those mental problems that almost everyone has. Solving forgetfulness, the inability to learn a subject, schizophrenia. Further understanding of the human personality.

  2. control your avatar would be so much better i want to float around like a ghost just by imagining it or walk when imagining it or shoot something when imagining it that would be a step toward the matrix

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