Onrush Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak reviews Onrush for PS4 and Xbox and will be out later on PC My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG http://amzn.to/2igWHDV …


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  1. Honestly not sure what most were expecting. This looked like a really generic, low tier Twisted Metal meets Burnout mashup, since the first trailer.

  2. 1.45 into a review and that weird stripy colour thing around cars has already put me off this game for life. What an utterly bizarre and awful feature.
    I'd also argue that graphically rich is a massive overstatement. EDIT, watched some more and ok, fair point. It is pretty.

  3. If you didnt try the beta, you missed out on a great chance on this really fun game. I do agree the full price tag is a bit high for a game that feels a bit barebones and pretty much "multiplayer only".

    Its not really a game I could play for 6 hours straight, its more of like, a "play for an hour and go do something else", but still keep coming back

  4. I feel like the clever quips in the review are probably more entertaining than the actual game. One question: Is there local couch co-op?

  5. How in God's name do you praise this game? Either you are getting paid for your reviews or you are slowly becoming delusional.
    Your reviews are increasingly little more than praise fests. Not very credible.
    This game is complete GARBAGE.

  6. I spoke to the Devs about this game at EGX Rezzed. They said they 'didn't have time' to implement splitscreen. Seeing as this game is a spiritual successor to Motorstorm, I frankly find that unacceptable.

  7. The main reason everyone hates the crash cams from any game that has ever tried it.
    How can you accept crashing in a wall or anything else while being forced to watch another crash?
    It seems like devs don't think anymore…

  8. Wasn’t that excited to begin with. Looks like it falls into the Crazy Taxi trap of being great for 15 minutes at a time.
    Should’ve been a digital download only at a cut price.

  9. 59.99?!?!?!?!?! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. This game looks quite boring, a 10$ price tag is more like it

  10. Onrush looks like a fairly enjoyable game, but not necessarily one that's worth the $60 price tag. This game is like the younger brother of Motorstorm, albeit nowhere near as cool. Thanks again Karak!

  11. I was under the impression that this was going to be a budget title from the start.
    I've seen the trailers, and the DF tech feature. I was really looking forward to Onrush. But, $60 is steep. Publisher Deep Silver could've been more competitive with the price.
    Idk what the budget was. But, this looks like a $40 max price, $30 being the sweat spot for all racing fans, sub-$30 with good marketing and word of mouth Onrush would crush it.
    I could even see this being a *PS+ title just to get a sizable immediate install base for the online. (*still available for Xbox and PC at a competitive price of course)

  12. I can barely allow myself to spend 60$ on a game let alone a racin game. I wont even spend 60$ on GOW as db as that sounds it needs to be 30-40$ price range.

  13. I find it odd that they didn't even include normal races with less players to have more multiplayer matches available if there are not that many players currently playing

    also this should have had splitscreen, it would be perfect considering the "destroy the opponent" aspect of it

  14. Sounds like my kind of game. Much like a child, bright flashy colors are a great way to keep my interest. Maybe it will be worth it when it makes its way to PC.

  15. Yeah, everything you described was how I felt with the beta.
    It is really fun to play, but like "Goat Simulator", the fun wears of more sooner than later.
    Also, the fact, that I never knew if I did something to help my team.
    Played the beta just offline against AI, and sometimes, it seems the race goes down the drain if I crash too often and I can't score points, but other times, a round is won even if I couldn't do anything.
    The only real visual thing is the ranking at the end of each round, but it still doesn't feel the same, like finishing a race in first place.
    Thanks for the review!

  16. I'll get it when it goes down to $40. I'm thinking that won't take long at all because I don't see this game selling well. If it had a traditional race mode I honestly might have paid $60.

  17. Nice to see Codemasters again. However owning WIpeout Omega, Carmageddon Max Damage, Mad Max, and Driveclub. I don't see this one finding a strong place in my list.

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