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  1. There are no such things flying or sea dinosaurs, cause they are reptiles. The closest sea dinosaur is probs the Spinosaurus cause it usually hunts on the water.

  2. That is very disappointing BUT also what I expected from watching the trailers. Just another "look at the nice graphics" game with zero depth. Cant expect much these days…

  3. I can’t take reviews seriously on this website who game alien Isolation a 5/10 a great game mass effect andromeda a 7 the worst pos and every call of duty sequel a 9 like seriously that’s why no one takes you serious

  4. Tourists have no audible reaction to any dinosaur actions or even their presence, no flying or swimming species to create and creation tools are tedious..bummer..i was actually excited about this one.

  5. Wasnt there a game released years ago by this team which was the similar game ? That was a success wasnt it ? And this being an extension of the same game but improved then how can it score so low ? Is the reviewer having a bad day ?

  6. "Game takes too long to unlock all dinosaurs" ???
    Sure IGN we want a game that ends after an hour of gameplay
    And btw aquatic and air Dinos did not exist ??

  7. Just keep in mind IGN are the same people that said they’re “ ESTATIC “ that fallout is going the online only route… honestly can’t take them seriously anymore

  8. If your thinking of buying this game maybe your a JPOG fan. Buy the game it’s amazing. It’s like this man has never played a dinosaur park simulator before. If your looking for an honest opinion go to the JWE Reddit Page you will find them there.

  9. I'm not buying this for the 28 year old in me who likes games like Witcher, EvE Online, or Hearts of Iron,….. i'm buying this game for the inner 8 year old in me who wants a continuation of the joy i had with Operation Genesis years ago. Pure nostalgia. Plus won't this game have mod support based on the other games this dev made? lol. Sure it may not be perfect, but i'm a simple man…. i see raptors…. i buy.

  10. You honestly rated this lower than you rate No Man's Sky? (Which IGN rated 6/10)

    And you wonder why people don't take you seriously. Every other review so far say its solid.

  11. this person that reviewed this probably not a fan of dino or maybe not a fan of tycoon games this game looks amazing i dont trust ign's reviews and they said they will add the aquatic creatures ina free fallen kingdon dlc

  12. Geez everyone is hating ??
    It might take less time to click off the video than to write the same comment as everyone else
    Just sayin…

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