Game Theory: The Human Hive Mind Theory (Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void)

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  1. There's surprisingly a species of ant that can mimick the pheromone of the queen ant of a nest the goal is to have the worker ants feed her and take are of her young

  2. i will talk about the protoss well about the units [archon: Created by merging two templar units, the archon is a powerful melee unit with a very durable force shield and a strong energy-based attack.] [carrier:A powerful air unit. Carriers do not have their own attacks but create interceptors to fight for them.] [Colossus:The large quad-legged vehicle fires lasers in a splash pattern well-suited to destroying swarms of weaker units. This unit can also traverse differences in terrain height due to its long legs, and will appear to step over ledges and other obstacles due to the inverse kinematics system.] [dark templar: A permanently cloaked stealth warrior.] [high templar:A physically fragile unit with strong psychic abilities.] [immortal: Dragoon-like walker with a strong defense against powerful attacks, but vulnerable to weaker attacks.] [mothership:A powerful flying unit that consumes a high amount of resources to produce. It has powerful special abilities.] [observer:A cloaking air unit that functions as a detector.] [phoenix:An aerial fighter with an anti-gravity ability that lifts ground units into the air.] [probe:The builder of the protoss race. Gathers gas and minerals.] [sentry:Previously known as the disruptor,[1] and the nullifier before that.[2] A ground support unit.
    ] [stealker: A dragoon-like Dark Templar unit, able to blink (short-range teleport) and deliver ranged attacks against air and ground units.] [void ray: Formerly known as the warp ray,[3] this flying unit deals damage with a blue energy beam that does more damage as it focuses on the same target. Good versus heavily armored targets like buildings, weak against small arms fire.] [warp prism:Formerly known as the phase prism,[4] the warp prism is a dual-purpose unit, able to transport units or to create a warp matrix field like the pylon.
    ] [zealot:Melee unit with the ability to charge, allowing it to quickly close the distance between itself and an enemy unit.

  3. The model at 6:21 is wrong in every way. Drones are gatherers, larva have no role, warriors would go to zerglings/hydralisks/etc, and hunters also to zerglings/hydralisks/etc.

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