IGN Reviews – Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Game Review

IGN gives its video review for the new game Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. This is still the most insane turn-based strategy game around. IGN’s YouTube is …


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  1. "I can teach a master class on disgaea" ….. considering you didn't know you could move the camera, I wouldn't trust you to teach a beginners course in disgaea.

  2. Looking forward to playing this on the Vita aswell. Personally the story and the main characters haven't seemed this interesting since the first game. But I do have kind of a soft spot for classic vampires and werewolves.

  3. Max lvl in game 9999(is a pain in the 4ss to get on lvl 100, i cant imagine get to level 9999 without a trick)
    there are the history levels (low lvl tan can get to high lvl with enable stronger monsters bills)
    the chara world (get inside a certain character world to level his stats and powers) 
    the item world (get inside a certain item to level the stats of dat item and effects)
    the dimension X (i cant say anything about this one, is just a f*king nightmare)
    the carnage mode (dont know about this one.
    u can make a pirate ship and travel others psn users game and stealh stuff or support them.
    u can create maps for yourself or for others psn users (so there are lots of maps out there in the network
    2 extra historys as DLC (post game historys)
    i buyed the game 3 days ago but before i buy it i analyze it , and this i what i got.

  4. Actually interestingly enough, I used to be a huge fps "reflex" shooter gamer, but after playing disgaea 3 abscence of detention, I never want to go back. The main joy of the game is te intense level grinds and the creation of ur own unique character that's op to hell or not. It's the fun if putting in work and seeing results.

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