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  1. If you are watching DP2 and don't know who Cable is, then you may as well just pack it up and go back to being a DP/X-Men Lurker and dirty dirty casual.

  2. I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10. Great action and funny with a decent story that's spastic but works perfectly for the 2nd film in the franchise.

  3. Deadpool 2 is full of annoying political correctness… Its realy a shame to see that beeing forced upon this movie and it brings the movie down quite a bit. I can only imagine it getting worse for Deadpool 3 since reviews dont mean anything, only movie tickets sold..

  4. All you said was positive stuff then give it a meh score? You guys said almost all negative about soylo and gave it basically the same score. Oh IGN thanks for the reminder of why I stoped looking at you guys

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