The Witness – Hot Pepper Game Review ft. Gav Murphy (IGN)

We got to film something in London! Gav Murphy all the way across the pond was kind enough to give us a review of The Witness, Jonathan Blow’s new game, …


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  1. You know, Gav… I'm starting to think you have something for chilis, since you did a similar thing on Regular Features

  2. The Witness actually does have music.


    It's just either nice and ethereal, but distracting you from the difficulty of the final puzzles of the game, or something that will make you regret ever thinking you wanted to hear music while trying to solve puzzles.

  3. This looks like it was shot at the Loading Ready Run studio. I half expected to hear "coming to you live from the orbiting underground moon base its Hot Pepper Gaming"

  4. As many tattoos as he has, he's beaten by a pepper? I mean, I'm not selling these peppers short, but tats hurt too and that's part of the point.

  5. This video made a sell. Thanks for the great reviews HPG, and thank all of you brave souls facing pain and humiliation for the sake of my entertainment and staying up with good titles!

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