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  1. I am not trying to hate but i am really disliking this game. The reason is because of the combat and system. Like how do you improve your fighting battles and how to evolve? Also, i don't understand the system, the tutorial dosen't help me either. I understand Pokemon Rumble and PMD because it's simple, understandable and basic combat. While PQ is out of place. If anyone play these games, you know what i'm talking about.

    I am thinking about uninstall if the battle start to get worse. Currently on Stage 2 (is that what you call?).

  2. 6.0 – There are 6 faces on a die…a regular die is cube shape….this is a Nintendo game review…Nintendo…cube….Nintendo Gamecube…NINTENDO GAMECUBE MINI CONFIRMED….

  3. I just beat 17.5K boss and the new island is gonna take some work/lucky pulls from the gold cooking pot.

    I can’t imagine beating this game without having 4 cooking pots though.

  4. You’re complaining about the grind of it but thats the point of the game. Youre suppose to grind and thats how the game presents itself. So why not review the game on what it presents itself as?

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