This Witcher Game Lets You Write The Next Chapter – IGN Daily Fix

This new addition to the Witcher world let’s you become a witcher yourself, it looks like Overwatch’s Hamster-friend was planned from the start, and Pokemon …


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  1. Finally a tabletop game which the more recent generations can relate to, always loved the D&D concept but couldn't get myself into it.

  2. Oh look it's the guy that complains about the comments section. It must be so hard to have a job where you get to act like a clown all day.

  3. I remember playing the witcher 3. It was great for the first few hours. My interest died off after a few hours… The story got a bit too convoluted with all the side quests and I was confused once they found yennifer. I'm thinking about getting back in though! Any tips? I want to put tons of hours in next time around.

  4. So your just gonna gloss over the fact that the new witcher game is the actual top of a table??? No more information? Ive never heard anything like it. How the heck do you play a table lol

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