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  1. "Little of this movie makes sense","Skyscraper goes extremely far out of its way to not have a meningfull point.", You will turn your brain off."

    8.1/10 Great


  2. Its called an Action Hero flick… its suppose to be over the top. All these comments are filled with ridiculousness..
    – Arnold Schwarzenegger's
    – Sylvester Stallone
    – Bruce Willis
    – Jean Claude Van Damme
    And many more had crazy amounts of nonsensical movies with even more ridiculous plots.. let's not throw shade at the Dwayne The Rock Johnson for keeping the tradition going.. that's what a Action Hero Movie Star is expected to do.. So watch the explosions, eat your popcorn and shut up lol

  3. When I saw the trailer I:
    1. Knew what was going to happen in the movie because it pretty much showed every seane.
    And 2. Thought it was just like all the other action movies.
    So, I guess not for me.

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