13″ MacBook Pro 2016 Unboxing! (What’s New)

Baseline 2016 Macbook Pro 13″ unboxing and Impressions! Interview with Craig Federighi: https://youtu.be/gWoqwCGQIM0 Video Gear I use: …


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  1. Now the Air is more 'Pro' than the Pro when it comes to usability. I was in a dilemma in between choosing the Pro and the Air, and went with the Air. I'm ok with the display and the performance. But, oh, I still am not ahead in the future where I can live without USB-A. Even my iPhone needs USB-A. 🙂

  2. Here’s the perfect MBP

    Touchbar Optional
    Touch ID optional
    1080p webcam
    2 USB 3.1 ports
    SD card slot
    Glowing Apple logo
    Optional chiclet keyboard
    200 dollars cheaper than what they are now
    Touch screen
    Apple Pencil support
    DDR4 Memory
    Dedicated graphics card on the 13 inch model (This would obviously make it cost more)
    Nvidia graphics for that card
    And keep the thunderbolt 3 ports

  3. I’m thinking of buying this one (or maybe the 2017 model) and first I was sceptical about the only 2 USB ports but when I saw the older models they looked so old and thick with all those diff ports. It all just looks so simple now. I’m buying a 30 buck adaptor on amazon and that’s it

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  5. everyone complains and usb-c. buy ONE fucking adaptor that supports absolutely everything and thats all you'll ever need. wtf is the big deal? it makes the laptop way smaller without the ports. so who cares

  6. To everyone who says we need a touchscreen on a Mac: try to navigate macOS with touch. Tough isn’t it? You say Apple should adjust macOS to work with a touchscreen? Ok now design an operating system from the ground up that works with touch and matches perfectly with apple’s design language. Tough isn’t it? Maybe not worth it for something you have on your phone and tablet.

  7. I own a 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and I really like the laptop to be honest. And everyone who is crying over no SD card/USB/HDMI is wrong in my opinion. I have a dongle with 3 USB, HDMI, (Micro)SD card, UTP and a usb c power slot and i only need to plug in 1 cable to power my laptop, connect my screen, external HDD and my iPhone. its really convenient. And about the magsafe, I ordered a USB-C magsafe connector on Kickstarter. The new macbook is a really powerful machine!

  8. Please, can you help me. I notice that the design of the Baseline MacBook pro 13 which doesn't have touch bar, doesn't have venting slot in the bottom of the device. Whereas, the one with touch bar there is a venting slot. Why this difference. Is this Baseline device will heat more the other one.

  9. Hey MKBHD, I’m planning to buy a mac and I’m confused between 2017 macbook air and 2017 macbook pro baseline without the touchbar. Which one is the better choice? Please advice. Peace ✌?.

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