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  1. When Prey launched, I hit a game-breaking bug on PC that prevented me from recommending it.

    That’s now been patched, and so has this review. It’s now updated to cover our experiences on all platforms.

    – Dan

  2. I don't get it , they gave it a 4 in the first place just because one reviewer had a game braking bug :/ ? Are you joking , isn't IGN like a legit company . should have played though the game with another copy or give the review to another person , this is their job ffs.

  3. I’m really enjoying this game so far. I’ve put in about 16 hours somewhere and I don’t think I’m even halfway (I’m going suuuuuuper slow and being very thorough with my exploration)

    Palpable influences from Dishonored, Bioshock, Deus Ex, Dead Space, and even Prop Hunt. Those are all great games which feel like materials the developers threw into the fabricator in order to make Prey!

  4. 10/10 for me.

    That ending made the game for me. Awesome gameplay, atmosphere, choices, animation, sound design, story… everything about this game is a success.

  5. Prey is outstanding! So happy I bought it at last. It s one of the few open world games I do every side quest! The last time I played such a good game was when i played the witcher 3!

  6. that game s surprisingly good, if u accept the fact that it s not a regular shooter. My personal game of the year 2017. Hope we get a sequel. set maybe on the moon or mars would be cool!

  7. Lmao I hate IGN as the next guy but since when are we suppose to not care that games have game-breaking bugs? If I had my save file corrupted I wouldn’t call it a great game either if it shipped out broken as hell.

  8. Let me just say for those on the fence. In about 15 minutes into the game, I got that really deep feeling of this is going to be one of those games. I had only intended to start the game, i like to appreciate games and not have so many going at once, and when I looked at the game in my steam library it said 2 hours and 12 minutes. And I literally, for the first time in years, thought i had been playing for 15 minutes.

  9. You know what the saddest thing is? A game with a bug that made it literally unplayable got a 4 instead of a 0. What would a game have to do to get below a 3?

  10. so the innovative goo gun gets criticized because its not a gravity gun or portal gun?? I thought we praised innovation in gaming..

  11. You should stick with 4. Why review games after xyz time period? Do other games get this priviledge?
    I played this game on PC, had a game breaking bug in Storage Labs.
    Had to restart game, this time no bug in Storage Labs, but after doing the quest where i have to get a medicine for a lady, the entire Talos Exterior got bugged and i couldnt progress anymore.
    Buggy unplayable games should not be given a pass. Stick to the rating of 4.

  12. Can we stop docking games for having bugs? Ffs a 4.0, then without the bug it's an 8.0????? I agree that bugs aren't good but there's no reason to dock the game points for it. Review the game based on how it is regardless of bugs.

  13. nah the quest do have a choice but there is no logical choice, often than not the choice is to save them or leave them to die. since there's no advantage to have them killed then ofcoz we will try to save them

  14. I'm going to be completely honest. I played the Demo and this game is like Bioshock in space. Almost every aspect made it seem like I was playing Bioshock in space. It was cool but a little too hard.

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