IGN Reviews – The Simpsons Arcade – Game Review (XBLA)

The Simpsons have arrived on the Xbox Live Arcade! IGN’s Steven Hopper is here to review the game. The verdict? Although the repetitive nature isn’t for …


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  1. talk about lazy, those graphic didn't hold up well…they could have upgraded those graphic with the option to switch to the old one on the run but thats hard work, we just cant have that

  2. 8/10? Well this can be a fun game to play. Unfortunately the animation is crappy, the music isn't that good, the plot is pretty poor, the dialogue's kinda lame, there's no logic to what's going on, it's incredibly tedious especially when it comes to the last stage, and there a limited amount of characters that relate to the actual show. I know I'm criticizing the hell out of this game, but the verdict I would have to give would be a 5/10.

  3. Gamespot treated this game like shit in their review, i don't think it deserves the hate. This isn't the best Simpsons game out there, but i'd definitely rather play it than Krusty's Funhouse or Bart Vs. The Space Mutants.

  4. Or you could just emulate it for free using Mame. This version is literally the same as the Arcade game.

    The only real changes are, the ability to choose Japanese or non-Japanese version, difficulty, and being able to choose your character on the 4-player version. If I'm not mistaken, the original Arcade 4-player version didn't let you choose characters. You had to pick a different spot to play as a different character. (Like, player 1 would always be Marge, player 2 would always be someone else, and so on.). It did that on Turtles in Time also. The 2 player versions on the other hand, let you choose your character.

    The last point, choosing a character on the 4-player version is the only real reason it beats emulating. You could just download the Japanese rom if you wanted the Japanese version, and difficulty can be modified using the in-cabinet service mode that all Arcade games have.

    Saying that, if it's cheap enough, and I had extra money, I'd consider getting it anyway. Now if only they'd bring more Arcade games to XBLA. I'd be all over a Fighting Game compilation with Street Fighters, Samurai Showdowns, Last Blade, Fatal Fury, and whatever others they wanna throw in.

  5. I remember this game in arcade as well as X-Men, TMNT and Double Dragon. Nobody really played the Simpsons but the rest of the games were always packed with players. If I remember correctly, it was due to the short game play time vs money spent. For those feeling nostalgic, get the SNES emulator, double dragon, TMNT, contra, final flight and bomberman if you want to throwback some good old school co-op multi games.

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  7. its kinda sad… with all the new "remastered and rereleasing of classic games" that PS3/Xbox is doing this game is actually a DOWNGRADE in graphics from the arcade. I actually own the arcade cabinet of this and sadly the graphics on the arcade from the early 90's is better then the remastered rerelease version on PS3…. nice job of ruining the game PS3 and Xbox…. you guys f**king suck…

  8. I understand what you mean as I just saw it. The guy reviewing is totally negative towards this fantastic piece of Nostalgia.

  9. I had a game online n nobody joined? Months after I downloaded the X-men game people went online. Now there's hardly anyone online. Is the appeal factor of these games gone?

  10. Oh wow, what a blast from the past! I'm 27 now and I still remember playing this in the arcades when I was about 12 or so! I only remember completing it the once, cost me a fortune playing in an arcade at a Pontins holiday park 🙂

  11. You mean thye review made by someone that isn't a dumb fanboy and actually knows what a quality game is? Face it; the game isn't as good as you remembered it. It's shallow, light on content, does a poor job of referencing the source material, and is barely passable on any level. It's fun for maybe 10 minutes. I got bored of it before I even finished the demo.

    I loved Sonic Adventure when it came out but I've grown up and realize it was never anything good. You should do the same with this.

  12. Wait, wait, wait a for being short & repetitive?


    That's pretty much all that existed in the arcades back then holy fucking shit IGN are ya'll really that stupid lol.

  13. @guperyuper99
    DLC comes out early only on very few games, and even then it's only by a month. Not to mention that most DLC sucks anyway. What the hell do you mean by 'faster connection games', because I have no problems on my PS3 with connecting to matches and playing them with little to no lag on most games. If you come up with more genuine reasons than fanboy bantering, I'll be more incline to see that you have a point. Maybe you're the one who should shut the fuck up :p.

  14. I got for free with Playstation + i Also got farcry 2/ super street figher 2 HD remix/Sly Cooper 1/ and many other classic games…..i pay 50 dollars a year and get like 5 games every month what does xbox get? a big dick cheese in the ass.

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