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  1. Looks like they took all the hate and turned it into something incredible. Kudos for not burying your heads in the sand, Hello Games. Kudos

  2. Love that they are doing their best to try improve on their game, most developers would abandon it, but they admitted they were wrong and are trying to deliver what they promised.

    Look at For Honor, was broken and glitchy at launch, now it is fixed and has a strong community and is considered gaming’s greatest comeback yet.

  3. HELLO GAMES have really hit back at all the controversy that smothered the original release. This just reinforces my theory that they were pushed for a release by Sony before they were ready. They have worked and worked on updates to create was they said the game would be. Now all them who criticised them should now speak out as much on praise. They deserve that at least.

  4. I bought this game at launch for $60. I thought it was way too expensive for what it was. But now it started to look like something quite interesting. Feel like finally got my money worth.

  5. I'm so proud they keep going forward and improve the game to deliver their true vision of their game. I think it's all the fault of Sony which forced them to rush the release.

    Keep it on Hello Games =)

  6. Damn looks like the time has come to really put into perspective to buy this game! I loved it when they showed it at e3 but was sceptic about it. When it released I watched some lp's and was happy really dissapointed but happy that I didn't buy it.

  7. I have to admit, I was hating on this game when it first came out because it was a big pile of nothing, but they’re added to and improved it so much since then. I need to get this back.

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