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  1. They need to make SAO not a SAO game
    I’m saying they need to make a game that is the same game from the anime and not a Game based around the anime

  2. I was looking forward to play this game,but to me, I feel like I'm not playing the game at all, I like sword art online but I don't like this game, I want to make my own characters and my own abilities, I guess I can never get that wish, I'm debating on selling this game, what do you think?

  3. Gives SAO 6.7
    Gives COD 8.5 every year lmao IGN is shite now days, the reviews on steam are very positive, just a few people complaining, i already buy the game from steam after see some gameplays, can't wait to play!!!

  4. I was thinking of buying this on pc on steam because it is cheaper now. Do u guys think it is worth it?? And can u close in the view on the character when u run around P.. P it seems so far away ?

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