Apple Watch Review!

The definitive review of Apple’s first wearable. 10 Apple Watch Questions Answered: Apple Watch: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Noticed some lines appearing at the bottom of the video at around the 3 minute mark – might wanna check out your setup and make sure the wires aren’t all messed up…

  2. I've got the the original sport one and its still going stron even today. software updates have fixed most of the problems he mentioned and i can honestly say its the most practicle thing I've ever bought, although it works best if you are deep in the apple ecosystem (mac, iphone, airpods, ipad etc.)

  3. I think the watch faces that come with the watch is all anyone will ever need otherwise it’s just to much , I already can’t choose with the current ones

  4. Speaking as a long time owner, it’s has a lot of nice conveniences but if you never had one you wouldn’t know or care since you’re not used to it’s conveniences

  5. Stupidest shit Apple makes..if you gotta make a smart watch at least make a good one and a decent price.. $700 is just can get a whole iPad for $500

  6. I had one broke it about a week after buying n then I have a iphone 6s I also broke it i haven't even have it for two years yet but I am getting the iPhone 6s plus soon

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