eSports, ESPN, and Colin Cowherd (Minecraft Gameplay Commentary)

Welcome to TheBorkyCast! In this commentary, I will have some Minecraft gameplay in the background and be talking about eSports on ESPN! Let me know …


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  1. Colin Cowherd is also incredibly smart. He's one of the smartest guys at ESPN. It's how he has a talk show BY HIMSELF. Every other show on ESPN has 2 or more people… He's good enough to be by himself… And he does understand competitive video gaming. He said the "e" in "eSports" stands for "empty of anything meaningful in life."

  2. Video gaming is NOT sports.

    I have one simple piece of proof:


    If it were actual sports, it would just be called SPORTS.

    Instead, they make up their own name because it truly isn't a sport.

    Oh, and by the way, I'VE BEEN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES FOR 19 OF 21 YEARS…

    And I can unbiasedly and unemotionally say it isn't a sport.

    Get over it.

    One last thing: how you react to criticism often shows the truth to said criticism… I've seen a few videos of gamers going INSANE about Colin Cowherd's comments. In one video, I saw a 40 year old man ABOUT TO CRY because a dude at ESPN made fun of his precious video games. It's ridiculous. And I'm ashamed to also consider myself a gamer…

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