IGN Reviews – The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Video Review

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  1. What I like about this game is small but mainly the reason I enjoy it so much or at least until I found myself playing Contagion on Steam. While the Gaming Market is filled with Zombie games almost everywhere you look most of these games don't feature classic zombies' they're usually catering to the slow staggering zombies at first with more than to many special infected that either explode, run really fast, scream to alert everything or are very tank like with very few others.

    So while this game does have a poor story, doesn't feel like a survival game and is clearly just a cash grab because of the fan hype around the show at the time. I did appreciate a shooter/action zombie game with classic zombies being the target audience.

    With that being said, Contagion on Steam has classic zombies. Beautiful graphics, a great story, immersive gameplay, realistic gameplay and physics, sound design etc. Also the game isn't scripted so not one play-through will be the same.. it replaces what I loved about this game for that. Because it does the classic zombie theme so much better.

    I think if another Walking Dead game is to be made "As I am aware they're making two of them at the moment" not including the Tell-Tale final chapter. They need to make the game open world or at least open ended and really put some survival effort into the game.

    Don't ruin the game the same way they have the show, don't include classic zombies and focus on shootouts and people being the main threat. While people can be dangerous I feel when you have hundreds of zombies which only die when shot or stabbed in the head they would be the most dangerous. "That's where the focus needs to be"

  2. looks like the developers spent all their money on the walking dead licesnse and the voice of meryl and daryl. They have no money left to make a good game lol.

  3. If they had been given another year to work on this game it might have been playable, and damn man that would have made me happy…I hate how instead of just making this game as good as it could have been they just shelved this formula they instead moved on to whatever multiplayer type game Overkill is making and I hope it is good.

  4. I know this isn't a great game. But I still had a good time and I got my first platinum trophy on this game. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.

  5. the voice acting makes me laugh like they recorded it while he was reading the script through the phone .

  6. This is not a bad game at all, im playing for the 2nd time and u get a lot of perks! If u are a big fan of the show and playing Daryl makes it cool when u are shooting the crossbow, rifles and handguns this games gives u the kicks! Graphics just right for a post apocalyptic environment and it would startle u with goosebumps when walkers come out from the dark while playing alone. Thumbs up for the game and hope they make a sequel.

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