IGN Reviews – NBA 2K12 Game Review

IGN gives its video review of the new basketball game NBA 2K12. Michael Jordan is back for NBA 2K12 and he brough his friends for an amazing basketball …


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  1. You know what guys, when I first played the game, I was not really into the NBA, and while I was playing, I found that short guy with baby face in Warriors is so annoying since his three pointer always make into the basket…….sigh

  2. The year D Rose was rated 92, and the game made the Trail Blazers were as strong as the Spurs (Aldridge was rated 84, Roy was 83, G Wallace 81, Camby 78, Felton 78, Wes Matthews 78, Batum 77, Oden 74. Remember in this game 70-79 starters were the norm)

  3. My favorite is 2k12 closely followed by 2k11 2k12 soundtrack: 9/10 2k11 soundtrack: 10/10. 2k12 graphics: 9/10 2k11 graphics: 8/10. And finally gameplay 2k12: 9.5/10 2k11 gameplay: 9/10.

  4. This is still the best playing game in the series.  Everything in the gameplay department; from the jumpshot, to the hands up on defense, and defense in general was way better than 2k11; and the rest.  PERIOD!  Still playing epic games with ubr on pc.

  5. What's wrong with everybody on here who says that 2k12 is the best 2k. It was by far the worst one eve made I can't tell You how many times I tried to pass the ball on the break or pass it into the post and the player would drop or fumble the ball for no reason. With no defense being played. You could have gotten an easy score but the game says nope and makes you just drop the ball. It also always did this stupid slow turn around to make sure that you couldn't score easy points.

  6. 2K11 is STILL the best basketball game ever. Everything about that game was amazing! The gameplay, the soundtrack, the menus and graphics, the modes, etc.

  7. NBA 2k13 is great. 2k11 is best. 14&15 are basically having u saying what the heck? I just update 2k13 with 2015 NBA roster and play. Both games sucks badly and I've played 14 going on for 2 yrs. 15 1 year.

  8. Basically since 2k11 NBA has been amazing, and people are saying 2k15 is bad. The only thing wrong with it is the server. NBA is better then Madden right now because the only really good madden game is Madden 15

  9. Played 2k15 with my nephew yesterday; and we both agreed that the 2k12 still plays the best out the series.  Turning 2k15 in tomorrow as well.  Go nhl15, fifa15, madden15!!!

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