PSVR Quick & Easy Setup Tips | Stop Stressing, Enter A Virtual World, & Start Playing VR Games

Looking for some PSVR Setup Tips that make playing vr games quick and easy? Well look no further, because PSVR frank has the tips to help you stop stressing …


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  1. Wireless 7.1 headphones, like Turtle Beaches that use the optical out — or those Sony headphones shown in the pic with the organizer — are the way to go to be totally immersed.

  2. Hey Frank or anybody else. I have the PSVR 0.2 headset. The thing is when i put those free earbuds in the back of the VR. I get no sound. I went and bought some cheap headphones with 13m pin and still i get no sound. I've tested both headphones and they work perfectly just not with the VR. can anybody help?

  3. I get vr sick with every full motion game I play! Skyrim vr resident evil, rigs, etc. I can’t play more than 10 minutes. What do I do?! I feel like I wasted my money now cause I’m getting only half the experiences I payed for. I’ve tried to play a little a day but seems my tolerance is not improving. Is vr just not for me?! Should I sell it?! I wanna vr so bad! I wanna get lost in Skyrim for 8 hours I am so jealous of you guys!

  4. confession. Barely played psvr in a month, got bored last night and forced myself to play and i played a game i thought was crap at the time due to learning curve… sportsbar. the pool and darts are actually accurate and before i knew it it was 4am. Still struggle to understand the "skiing" movement system though, actually managed to win a frame (easy mode against ai, but hey!)

  5. I usually sit during most vr games anywho. I mean driving, flying, piloting mechs etc. ones sits anyways. I sit on my footstool in front of my tv and vr camera. I mean, vr is highly interactive, that's what's fun about it, soooo expect to get involved a bit. nothing wrong with just chillin on the couch and playing and or vegging while playing regular games either. but to each thier own in achieving safety and vr fun.

  6. Frank described my setup almost exactly. It might take 5 min. to get into a game, tops. I keep a rug in the center of my space so I always know where I'm at while playing. The chair is pushed flush against the back of the rug. I just leave it there so I can play seated for a minute if I want to. I use a tall, high back bar stool so I don't have to adjust my camera if I want to sit.

  7. Day 1 of Skyrim VR I couldn't play for more than an hour. Last night I played Skyrim for over 8 hours without even trying. We need more big open world games that can take advantage of the aim controller to. Say a game like farcry or something?

  8. TF when my dad Frank here uploads a video at 3 am EST and gets more views in 14 mins than I do in a whole month. ❤️

  9. Also, a part of me is wondering if this is kind of a symptom of our generation (lethargy/laziness) because in retrospect, none of the gripes are REALLY that big of a deal. I mean, moving a coffee table to play a game is going to be one of the easier things you have done in your life lol

  10. I am lucky to have a designated computer desk for all my systems. I can sit in computer chair put on vr, roll back to the kitchen table and stand up and start playing.

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