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  1. Well Heller Mr. & Mrs. Aloha Claw… Oh My Stars, I Put My Phone Dwn To Grab Something 4 Munch & I Missed Da Live Feed. SHACKLES… So I C Dat U Both Wen Go Check Out Dat Place In Hawaii Kai? So Howz It Ova Dea? Dat Game Looks Fun But It Also Looks Like A Workout, Coz Sistah Wen Look Tired After She Played.. Lol. But Howz Her Underhand Throws… " CAN WE SAY SOFTBALL PITCHER IN DA HOUSE… LOL.. Yasss Braddah Go Get Her Some Ice Cream She Did Top Da Leader Board. AWESOME Sistah Now Go Tell Ur Hubby Make It 2 Scoops U Deserve It… Lol.. Keep Dem Videos Comming & Have A Beautiful Day

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