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  1. Youre an idiot. NHL 09 was so flawed, the only reason you hate it is because it's getting harder to score every year. Just because you suck at a game doesn't make it a bad game.

  2. This game is just okay. I mean i demolish kids online playing as poorly rated new jersey, but its just not that great. Only reason i got it was because they shut down the nhl 09 servers which was the best nhl ever created. Not to mention nhl13 looks even worse. The demo was awful

  3. Why the fuck is this comment flagged for spam? How is this spam? Who cares if he doesn't watch the NHL in real life? Enjoy the EA game, dude. If you want to get into the actual real life sport I suggest you find you're team. I suggest rooting for a team close to you're area in case you want to visit a real game. It will allow you to know more about the sport and current players.

  4. Lucky for you NHL 13 will have better goal tender AI (They will watch the puck carrier and the most dangerous player off the puck. This will lower cross crease goals.

  5. How come I was the only one pissed about not being able to move with the puck as a goal tender? They still haven't fixed this in NHL 13. Fucking bullshit.

  6. I couldn't have said it better! One thing they need to add for BAP is definitely being able to negotiate contracts. And for be a gm, they need to make the AI gms less stupid. I always see them trading quality players for crap and waiver all stars. Its so annoying.

  7. i hate be a pro mode sooooooooooo freaking much! it sucks, i cant request a trade, i cant simulate or else coach gets mad, earning experience is vague (ex: as a defensive d man unless i get a goal or assist i virtually stay at a c for stats) and its tedious to play through 82 games and not gaining experience or doing ANYTHING if i do simulate. they have to change it. also for be a gm mode they should bring chemistry back. cause thats how they make games. bring back stuff they took out.

  8. cross creasing one timers? when thats all you do for the whole game its annoying, i usually defend against them but u cannot stop all of them

  9. I've found the Cross-Crease even WORSE than the backhand to forehand goal. It really is. I don't think there are "glitched goals" but the Cross crease is definitely a problem. It's all about not letting the other player get a backhand-forehand or cross crease opportunity.

  10. too bad u didnt review the online versus mode because there is alot of bullshit in that. Sometimes i play against people and outshoot them 3:1 and end up losing and my chances are mostly quality chances. Its not because i cant score i average 4.41 goals a game and im ranked 49th for ps3, its just some random games where i cant score for no reason and is really frustrating. Also the AI is terrible, so many ways to get by them and so many glitch goals the most common one being the cross crease.

  11. EASHL is the best mode in NHL 12! Thats where the jankey animations are fixed because for for the most part everyone is not an AI player. Anyways looking for people to make a team looking for about 10-15 people. It's just casual but I do like to win. Anyways I also play right D because I'm a beast at D. I also play a little goalie too. (that's what I play in real life too. I'm 13 and looking to make the NHL) but I have about 50 points and im good at getting assists. So in all, Hit me up on Xbox

  12. yeah haha. i have a problem with this game though. in nhl 2005 i could hit people over boards and break glass panels, nhl 2k5 i could hit the goalie. these are old ideas and they took out features that they had put in before. still fun though and i wish there were more hockey games tbh

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