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  1. Spoiler warning: You should pick this one up. Were you / are you a fan of the first four Mega Man X games? Let me know why in the comments below! -Destin

  2. X3 was the first X game to appear on Saturn and Playstation. Not X4. Even Mega Man 8 came out before X4! This game does use the SNES version of 3. Thank goodness. The music's way better on Super Nintendo.

  3. cant wait for that x challenge mode, but i will most likely play through all the x games before any of it to get back into that mega man x swing

  4. Its great on all platforms except the switch because of the controller.

    Edit: I somehow knew there would be something negative on the switch side, its always lag, fps, resolution, online, or the control that is always the problem.

  5. Did they remove the rewind-feature? I'm so bad at these games that was the only reason I could get through the first Legacy collection ^^

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