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  1. How about this I'm an Aussie and the other day I went to watch a movie and I went to gets some mc Donald's and while I was in line I saw a dad that bought the fucking 500$ dollar TITANFALL 2 COLLECTORS EDITION FOR HIS 7 YR OLD SUN DAFUQ

  2. U all realise that if u missed the preorder u can just buy this edition of Amazon
    I'm buying Doom collectors edition of Amazon
    Cause I missed the midnight launch and the preorder

  3. i wont lie about it……but,yes……..i died a little inside at the start of this vid.
    idea……post a PROPER!!!! start time for the vids in the section below,to avoid any unnecessary………..shame???

  4. 4K: Waits one full day. Comes back. Plays video. 4K for only a second.
    Whoo can say where the road goooes, where the day floows. Only time.

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