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  1. It's a nice surprise to see an arcade review. Little did I know that there are tons of AAA arcade games (Tomb Raider, Luigi's Mansion, Injustice, and more) that are just begging for some PR light. I know arcades aren't the most popular thing anymore, but if you could squeeze in a video about them once in a while amongst the 20 daily Fortnite uploads I know the arcade fans would love it.

  2. finally a review of this game and whelp some stuff of the game may have been overwhelming but at least this game did had any effect on halo infinite's development

  3. Ummm, so why did you give it a 7 if there was nothing truelly negative? The only negatives were "I dont know how Halo guns work" and "Its an arcade and works like other arcades"

  4. I would rather just play solo on combat evolve on the original xbox with the fine controller and i wouldn't even have to leave home or spend a penny.

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