Is The 2018 MacBook Pro Hot Garbage?

The 2018 MacBook Pro Core i9 model appears to have some issues. So is it any good or is it hot garbage? Dave2d – Jonathan …


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  1. The thing is technobuffalo pretty much favours apple devices, they've constantly said this and that about other devices while holding apple high up in respects…..I wouldn't trust them to review ( they have covered non apple stuff before which was ok but mainly their facebook shows off a lot of apple bashing unless they're deleting posts again)

    The truth is apple can't make stuff for buggery, folk need to go back and watch louis rossmann's video on where apple screwed up over the years….it's an enlightening video….plus what apple charges isn't worth it…you could freelance buy the parts and build the item yourself for much less….. people should try building instead of going prebuilt

  2. Should have just not come out with it simple as that. If it can't perform well in that small of a form factor then just don't come out with it… they should have made it bigger and actually cooled it insted of it harming it self. It's just as simple as that. So yea kinda in a way it is HOT GARBAGE.

  3. I disagree with you…. What do you expect when your purchase an expensive car or a luxury watch?? Overheat in middle of the street…. watch stops running during the day!!! You pay the price and expect outstanding performance in any condition.

  4. HOT GARBAGE, my 2015 i7 runs great and has all the ports I need. True tone screen not needed even though I do video and photo editting.

  5. I don't really see the point of a core i9 if it's just going to be clocked at 2.9ghz. I "slower"/lower tier cpu at a higher clock speed would be faster, even without the throttling.

  6. Apple is ruining itself by releasing these kind of overpriced garbage. People want performance and durability that aligns with the right price. Other competitors favor what Apple is doing right now since all of what they release just backfires at them.

  7. go buy a beefed up 5k gaming pc and put a i9 and 1080 ti in it, thats a better way to spend your money rather than buying a shitty MacBook Pro that overheats alot

  8. You neglected to mentioned they released a patch that addresses this issue. Something was buggy in the firmware. Granted, I realize this video may have been filmed before the patch was released. But still, seems this video is already a bit out of date.

  9. The sad thing is that people are gonna keep buying apples overpriced garbage and Apple will just keep on charging double the price they should.

  10. Hello Lew (wow this sound deep lol XD) I just wanted to say thank you for all the great videos you make and believe it or not you helped me decide what drawing tablet I should get ^-^ after I saw your video about the wacom mobil studio pro I have hooked on to it and I'm happy I did it's the best drawing tablet I've ever had ^^ so thank you for helping me make that choice it means a lot and please keep going with your amazing content it makes me smile and laugh and I love it ♡

  11. just buy a used car instead of this POS. The i9 version performs the same as the i7 because of the thermal throttling… which also means that this thing is going to need repairs EASILY within a year.

  12. unpacks it and then references to other tests or videos. why do i even watch? Next time maybe just put a link to the other videos on the screen…Id rather watch people like MKBHD, who actually know what they are talking about and hear thier opinion…

  13. Literally junk over priced value I got 2 friends in the work they get them for quick task and not even 1 day got busted 1 literally burn out now useless almost ripping 6800$ be wasted

  14. Okay cause this is going to become just a little bit controversial , Lou (you bought it because you're just doing your job and you need to show to some people that they should think twice before spending their money on smth else, respect ! ) and others who will answer to me … Guys , who the hell is going to buy that thing ? I mean we are talking about almost 7000$ USD for this money you can buy a gaming or editing setup + a smartphone + a gaming laptop + a phone + other gadgets cause we are talking about techs right ? Apple kinda dissapointed alot of people in these past couple of years and let's face it they are runing out of ideas , ideas which I can agree that they cost alot of money , the question is how much money ? 7000$ for an I9 and nothing else ? Common you must be a little bit dumb to buy that "hot garbage" !

  15. 6000 $$$$$$$
    Are you stupid Are you dum sometime both my windows laptop has 24 GB Ram and 1 tb m2 ssd and GTX1070, i7-8700k 4K screen its 2800 US $ Wat stuped mad person would pay this much for a laptop.

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