Top 5 Social VR Sites In Virtual Reality

Social VR sites are becoming increasingly popular offering virtual worlds where people can talk, create, play games, entertain and share. These destinations …


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  1. I love Rec Room! My first time into a VR social community. Now I am learning about these other ones that sound pretty awesome too. I wanted to get VRchat for my PSVR but they don't have it. Unfortunately my headset hit the dust this past week 🙁 and I have no way of fixing it. sucks!

  2. I still really love secondlife. I've had an island style clothing store inworld for going on 9 years now. with the ability to earn real currency

  3. Is it possible to view any of these VR spaces through mobile with Google Cardboard or similar devices? What are your thoughts on the death of altVR?

  4. VRChat gets my vote.. while I haven't yet learned how to import my own avatars or worlds, I've gotten busy creating an avatar with Oculus Medium and look forward to roaming around with it =)

  5. Inside good quality persistent VRMMORPG's is where I will probably be doing most of my socializing if I'm being completely honest with myself.

  6. Great video! High Fidelity may be the only one of these that's going to be able to scale to large numbers of people interacting in the same space together in VR.

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