USB-C All The Things! (Pt 2)

Dear manufacturers: We can’t USB-C all the things without your help. Part 1: Logitech MX Master 2S: …


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  1. Can anyone link me the fastest usb c to usb c cable with a charging qube? Specifically one that's supports Quick Charge 3.0 and the cord in the cube made by the same company

  2. Budget phones and laptops (also consoles, well some I guess) don't have usb c. I'd love to use usb c due to the fact that it last for a long while.

  3. I have to make a project for school
    I save the project into a usb c flash drive
    and when I bring it to school my teacher tryes to plug it in her 2005 laptop…

  4. Oh please Marques, you can buy a USB Type-A to C cable for the mouse. It's not like you need 5 Gbps or Power Delivery to charge it.

    If a user needs to "be cool" about all the $50 dongles they push down their throws when buying a $2000+ computer then you need to be cool about spending five bucks in a new cable for a $100 mouse.

    It's the same argument of the headphone jack. "But but but I want neeeeew headphonessss, but but but the headphone jack is old". You don't need "new everything", many things work and just work, why change it?

  5. USB 3.1, and more so in its type-C form, really is a huge step forward. Whoever tries to deny that is insane.

    But, buuuuuuuut, reality is a bit more complex. It's easy to say "hey yo change all your peripherals" when money is no problem. The reality is, many people (most) can't and won't change all their peripherals to go with the new standard and many won't even know what the F is this new little connector and why did they change it. Some of my friends don't even know the name of the "cable to connect the laptop to the TV" (HDMI).

    Simplest example of all: I've seen, used and lend a dozen different USB sticks in the last year. None of them were type-C, not even mine, and I'm the most "techie" among my friends and family. I had a 2016+ MBP I'd need a dongle, or I'd need to find a solution every time somebody gives me their memory stick. Extremely bothersome and kinda idiotic given the price tag. And I use a 2014 MacBook Pro, but I won't buy a new one until this one bites the dust and maybe not even then.

    Other example: my two sisters bought new Android phones the last couple of months and they're still angry, mad, furious that they can't use the "Android charger my friends have", and the huge collection of cellphone chargers they've collected through the years are now useless. They didn't know, they don't expect these kind of changes and it's understandable, not everyone is a tech enthusiast, and many of us don't have money anyway to change peripherals all at once.

    Also, say whatever you want about Apple's courage and leadership but: 1) they kill all the legacy ports on their PRO LINE all at once, if you have ever been inside an office you'd know many professionals are stuck with legacy hardware for years, sometimes because of budget sometimes because why change it if it works. I'm ok with the toy-MacBook with only one USB-C, but not the MacBook *PRO*, why is it a Pro again? Apparently because "pro" means "have enough money to buy all dongles". 2) They are so bold that they dropped all ports in the MacBook line yet they aren't bold enough to put USB-C on their iPhone. Why? Maybe because they want to have tight control of their "made for iOS" program (same reason why they never used direct Firewire or USB for the iPod). Or maybe both design teams don't even know which ports the other team will use. I lean on forwards the former.

  6. One of the nice things about Type C is that you don't have to use the latest, fastest chipsets — For example, my Nexus 6P has a Type C port, but only has USB 2.0 for data transfers. It has 3A charging, but slow data. You could have USB 1.1 on Type C if you wanted! So things like mice could still use USB 2.0, even with a Type C port, so costs shouldn't be affected badly — although MicroUSB connectors are probably piled up in warehouses right now, so they should be really cheap, which is probably why they're still used on some products.

  7. But at the end of the day, the majority of things you talked about were charging cables. Could you consider a pt. 3, talking about Thunderbolt, about how it's faster (and how it isn't – you need the right wall plug to charge all devices), about how it can be used for powering monitors and sending a video signal at the same time (meaning your monitor is powered through the PC)?

  8. What are your thoughts on USB-C for audio devices like earbuds and headphones. There are really no good options on the market yet but most of the android phones including the new pixels only have the usb-c port. I know it comes with the adapter but still begs the question… where are the accessories to support this? When can we expect the classic 3.5mm jack to have its market share drained away by to usb-c and even lighting (if apple decides to stick with it) audio products.

  9. It will be more confusing when thunderbolt 4.0 by Apple and HDMI 2 – 3 for 8K TV & 8K monitor by TV & computer industries come alone in the future?
    They will come up USB-C 2.0.

  10. What im not understanding is the over emphasis of using USB-C …… its not even close to being the norm, in fact i don't even own 1 device that uses it. Now not to say everyone should use based on whats good for me that would be foolish…. but that is in turn whats happening here in this video. It sorta reminds me of bitcoin…. people are like oh cryto currency jump on its the wave of the future…. but the only problem is the price/value is all over the place no stability sorta like USB-C i cant even come close to assuming a number but i imagine that less then 1/4th of all devices use this format. So why pay the extra for something that isn't an industry standard?

  11. Calm down, I still have devices using USB Mini B (not micro B) plugs that I've bought in the last year… Yes it's a incredibly old standard but… It works… I'm fine with my calculator charging with a cable standard from 2005… Yes it would be nice if it worked with my phone charger but tbh who cares…

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