Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Review

The games in part 2 of the collection are not as strong, but Capcom has taken the time to polish each for fans looking to play the series. Mega Man X Legacy …


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  1. I'm glad x5 was my first mega man game it made me appreciate the x series. I have never played the others past x6 though so I hope to experience it through my own opinion.

  2. I actually enjoyed Megaman X5. By far my favorite in the X series. Also, if they're doing the X collection stuff, does that mean Battle Network is next? Here's to hoping seeming that Battle Network is my favorite Megaman series overall!

  3. Boy it's hard to pick my favorite out of these 4 titles; it's like the dark side of the X series. X5 is watered down version of X4. X6 has even worse level design and awful story. X7 has horrible voice acting and is dull. X8 has frustrating level gimmicks and overused story elements. If I had to choose my favorite it would be probably be X5. X6, 7, and 8 are just recycled garbage.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks X5 and X8 should have just been included on the 1st collection and X6&7 should have been dropped and swept under the rug to be forgotten?

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