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IGN reviews GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and answers the question on every Bond fan’s mind: Does it recapture the magic of the original? See more Bond at IGN: …


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  1. The thing that made the orig on n64 good was the cheat rewards. It made the replay value insane. And I'm assuming there aren't cheats, like every other game these days.

  2. I don't see anyone today playing multiplayer in this game when I first got it it was filled with people and now it is always empty. It is a shame because it was the first fps game I have played and one of the best imo. I have it on Xbox 360.

  3. this is a nice remake of a remake the wii version was good and fun to play the original on the n64 is a classic and the newer game is doing a good job at keeping to its classic roots to

  4. hah! you gave this way better score than 007 legends! from what i know this is pretty much the same as legends

  5. When i get this game and when i seen that original Dam stage whas the start at the same place like in original Goldeneye 64 game i whas so happy! But when u get drived over the stage and shoot from the truck i whas a little okay with it cause i wanted run through the stage like in goldeneye 64 than after jump down whas good memory thing and than i get really disapointed when the Story lines whas not like the Goldeneye 64 or the movie nothing had with the goldeneye . I think they should have keep holding to the Goldeneye movie story lines just like all other games .

  6. Translates into "Upgraded visuals don't compensate for the shameless bastardization of a classic game." If I wanted to play Call of duty I would buy it. Screw this. Screw Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and bolts, Metroid other: M, Metroid: Federation force, Halo 4, Halo 5, all of the "modern" Tom Clancy games, Dead Space 3, Mass effect 3's ending, and any other game that does a disrespect to a beloved franchise.

  7. I was hoping this would be good but after trying the demo (which they totally fucked up because they throw you into the first level and you only get to play half of it, you don't even get the full thing cheeky bastards) this game is shit and I have no reason to play it. The freaking N64 title is one of the GREATEST games and one of the BEST shooters I've ever played but this shit right here looks like a disgrace.

    If you guys want another good 007 game I HIGHLY recommend Nightfire. I have replayed that game COUNTLESS times on XBOX and it just never seems to get old. I even dip into the multiplayer every once in awhile with bots and have fun shooting them and yes the game does have Pierce Brosman which alone makes the game that much better, not to mention some of the set piece moments are totally kickass.

  8. Its an honest shame they changed so much. People would of preffered just a graphical update. why they kept the name i will never know its nothing like the original game.

    The original was like a religion for me and my mate. Blitzing levels on oo agent, epic multiplayer battles. I shot a mine in midair once. And ive survived a room filled from top to bottom with remote mines

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