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  1. Bro why is this game getting so much hate? This was a last gen game originally for the PS3 and they put it on the PS4. Y’all aren’t real spidey fans if your gonna diss a good game like this.

  2. Im no super spidey fan, but I personally loved the game. I would give it a 8 out of 10. Maybe its because I played it on 360, but Its one of my fave of all time now.

  3. carnage/electro/ green goblin and shocker was fun boss fights imo…i still play those missions from time to time…cant wait for the new spiderman game in september!!!

  4. Uhhhh…. this game is amazing, no pun intended. You guys have rose colored glasses on thinking S2 was better. It's literaly better in almost every way besides side missions. The Parker segments are great, they delve into what Peter must do outside the mask. And hey, if you want side missions, just go play Ultimate Spiderman. This suits me just fine for a web-slinging adventure and hopefully the PS4 Spiderman game is even better than this!

  5. it's not a perfect game but it' s not a horrible game either The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game gets a 6 out of 10 in my opinion it's not terrible I mean it's better than Arkham Origins

  6. Man rarely superhero games on the PS4…on the PS3 there were a bunch of them…nextgen consoles are really lacking of diversity in games

  7. I hope SpiderMan PS4 will get 10.5/10. Your review are the best IGN keep it up. Totally agree with you

  8. This game is not that bad, the Menace system can be over pass if you get a suit from the Russians, then the drones just ignore you, you can pass a mission and then rise your hero status without the problems of the drones, I actually enjoyed the combat and the boss battles are a lot more harder than the previous game.

  9. That Batman Arkham combat system ruined combat in open world action fighting games. The combat system in Spider Man Web of Shadows….now that's fun to play with.

  10. This game deserves 8.0! This is the only spider man game with awful graphics and Awesome fighting scenes as well as swings. Boss battles are challenging and much attractive fighting moves. Awesome Costumes. And Many more….

  11. You know what I think is weird? Other than the glitches, almost every feature that he mentioned is a feature in 2004's spider-man game. What the heck?

  12. It's a shame, really, because I really liked a lot of what the first Amazing Spider-Man game did with Spidey's villains, and placing the story after the movie rather than vaguely during it served the narrative a lot better.

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