IGN Reviews – Guardian Heroes HD Game Review

IGN gives its video review on the HD remake of the classic game Guardian Heroes. How does this remake shape up 15 years later? IGN’s YouTube is just a …


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  1. Add this game to PSN and Ill get it and make all my PS3 friends get it, this game was  freaking awesome back in the Sega Saturn, I love it!!! Make a number 2 already! Sometimes I believe Sega is not on the top because don´t want it!!

  2. You know, The only thing I really miss from the original… is the intro x) Dunno why but it always made me smile 🙂

  3. Knocking a graphic option is an odd complaint, especially when the first sentence of this video review, it is stated it's completely optional. I want to know why the remix graphics option is even considered a downer by IGN- I mean, all these other "HD" remakes have terrible smudge-ridden water-color graphics when turning on their 'HD' graphics, yet with Guardian Heroes at least they tried and penciled in some shades to add a more 'comic' look with the Remixed graphics.

  4. The remixed graphics imo are better, Im a retro gamer at heart but the graphics are def, a step up from the saturn. Also you guys didnt mention the game mechanics they added with the remix. There are light medium and heavy attacks now, no more hitting a button and flipping through your spells. you can do them with street fighter like button patterns. Also you can dash in mid air, and run forever. In the original you could run for a couple steps then you would stop. The new mechanics are better

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