DJ Khaled Overwatch League Fail, Three New OWL Teams For 2019, Trophy Ceremony Debate | Akshon Recap

DJ Khaled had a less than amazing performance this past weekend at the Overwatch League Grand Finals as the crowd did not seem to resonate with his music …


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  1. It is pronounced as Goo-ang-joe, but don't worry most non-Chinese did not figure out how to say it the first time and we'll most likely be hearing lots of different pronounciations in the future as well lol, and there really isn't anything wrong with that. Super glad to know that my home town is getting an OWL representative team tho!!! So excited for the reveal!!??????

  2. The best way of doing this would be the Apex style, the players would immediately run out, and hoist the trophy. Then, they would give it to the Franchise owner while the players, coaches, and analysts get medals.

  3. That trophy ceremony was abysmal. I hated the fact that the owner got the trophy and didnt even act like it was something big. I really hope Blizzard make a much better trophy ceremony next season.

  4. As someone from Marseille I’m sad they’re making a paris team and don’t stick with the city 🙁 but hey french team yay

  5. The problem is that DJ Khaled seemed disinterested, and his tpye of music doesn't necessarily attract the overwatch crowd. It didn't help that the audio was trash. But oh well, for a first time Grand finals, I thought it went well. Just fix up janky audio issues, and everything will be fine in the future.

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